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Shoreline Community College's Student Body Association is the official student organization of which every SCC student is a member. Students are represented by the SBA government, which is funded out of student fees. The student government is made up of a nine-member senate and six executive officers.

Current members of the SBA government are:

President: Yasuhiro Sumino
Vice President: Cecile Espiritu
Treasurer: Suhendra Lie
Legislative Director: Kristi Asplund
Secretary: Fransisca Tranggono Ting
Student Advocate: Lucas Meserve

Senator (Seat 1): EmptyBudget & Finance Committee
Senator (Seat 2): Trevor GumbelConstitution & Bylaws Committee
Senator (Seat 3): EmptyPublic Relations Committee
Senator (Seat 4): Sherly Gunawan — Budget & Finance Committee
Senator (Seat 5): Daniel Jones — Constitution & Bylaws Committee
Senator (Seat 6): Fransiska Aninditya Putri — Public Relations Committee
Senator (Seat 7): Margaret — Budget & Finance Committee
Senator (Seat 8): Empty — Constitution & Bylaws Committee
Senator (Seat 9): April May — Public Relations Committee

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